About Me

This website is my archive of pretty much everything I've shot since 2003. For my commercial portfolio, please visit andyday.com.

I've separated stuff into three categories:

  • 'Parkour' (which is not all parkour)

  • 'Parkour Events' (I shoot a lot of these)

  • 'Adventures' (mostly travel, exploration, and fun stuff)

To find out more about my professional and academic work, click here.

Pretty much everything is for sale - editorial, commercial, fine art prints. Please get in touch.

I've been photographing people creating movement since 2003.

I climb things. (Rocks, buildings, abandoned ships.) The guy in the photos on the left? That's me. Thank you to Julie Angel for the one in the middle.

I do a bit of tv work every now and then. (Researcher/AP/Location Manager. Jump Britain, Concrete Circus, and a few other bits and pieces.)

I like to travel and go on adventures.

I help run Buildering.net.